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AVID Pet Identification MicroChips

AVID has been producing our own patented MicroChips since 1985. AVID MicroChips are supplied in a choice of two different implanter types; the single use disposable syringe (SUDS) or the DNA implanter gun. Both have sharp, stainless steel needles and each AVID MicroChip has an anti-migratory coating. All of our MicroChips include registration onto the 24hr UK PETtrac Database - either electronically or with A5 Carbon copy registration forms provided.

AVID Pet MicroChip Scanners

Pet MicroChips from AVID
There are a variety of different models of pet MicroChip scanners, often referred to as pet MicroChip Readers, each with their individual benefits. AVID offers the highly popular MiniTracker range of scanners and the more industrial PowerTracker range of scanners.

AVID has just launched a new model in the MiniTracker range of pet MicroChip scanners which has an extended read-range and also reads an additional standard of pet MicroChip.

Direct Registration

AVID works alongside management software companies within the veterinary and rescue sectors to incorporate the MicroChip registration process from directly within their applications. This means that there is even less work required to register an AVID MicroChip on the UK 24hr PETtrac Database, in some cases all you have to do is enter the MicroChip number!

Alternatively, you can register AVID MicroChips online through the AVID website, quickly and conveniently using intergrated postcode software.

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