Pet MicroChip
SMS Reunification Service

TEXTtrac Demo - Pet MicroChip Reunification via SMS

Take a look at how TEXTtrac works by watching the demo below.

Using TEXTtrac really is this simple! One SMS, one MicroChip number and one fast response to assist you in reuniting a MicroChipped pet faster!

Remember, this service is avaliable to all authorised dog wardens, animal rescue/welfare organisations and veterinary practices within the UK and does not cost more than one standard rate text message. Think of the time you could save by texting rather than calling!

We all live busy lives and sending an SMS can be a lot quicker than having to make a telephone call. A lot of today's modern mobile telephones also have handy shortcuts to telephone numbers so you can call the owner straight away without needing to write anything down. Best of all, the text message containing the pet MicroChip details can stay in your phone until you've reunited the pet with it's owner and headed back to the office.

The SMS pet MicroChip reunification service, TEXTtrac, is just another way that AVID has developed new services to better meet customers' needs!

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